GeoMASS; With its consultants and technical staff, each of whom has a say in their own sector, R&D studies are carried out in the leading sectors of the industry, and the systems it has developed with the data it obtains are input into the patented economy.
GeoMASS; has also developed many new high-quality products for personal care in the cosmetics industry.
GeoMASS; Formulas have been developed using all scientific data obtained as a result of long-year researches conducted by the World Health Organization / World Health Organization ( WHO ) and the world famous Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) in the USA and Hair Foundation and other health institutions / organizations, and these were turned into products for the use by the consumers.
Organically grown plants in various parts of the world, especially in Europe, were collected with extremely sensitive methods to prevent them from being damaged, and then their extracts, which were processed in modern facilities, were used in all products. Oxygen-treated water obtained with the system developed by us is used in all our products.
In Revox products, 100% herbal-based actives are taken as the basic element, and no side effects have been found in dermatological tests on humans.
You can see the Dermatological and Clinical Test reports and original certificates of all herbal raw materials we use in our products in the "Clinical Results" section.